Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Perfect-Victim Pitfall

     We have learned a lot in this class over pass few weeks. The main thing I have learned is that empathy is no longer a thing that is common in our culture now a days.In the many cases that we have looked at in the past couple months unfortunately shows that. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying that there is no empathy at all by no means, I am just saying that there isn't enough of it. In Eric Gardeners case he was put into a choke hold, which is illegal in NYC, and stated that he could not breath on multiple occasions. Though the police officers, people that are put in charge of protecting us, did nothing to help him. Also, in the case about Tamir Rice, a child who was playing with a toy gun was shot without hesitation when the officers got to the scene. They did not try to get the gun away from him, or try to stop him in anyway.

     All of the cases that we have covered all share one major thing in common. All the victims/ "offenders", were people of color.And all the cases show the bases of institutional racism. It shows that even though people say that racism is no longer a problem, but it is a great problem, North Korea has called us out on it. If we are being told by North Korea that we have human rights problems, you know that we have hit the lowest we could possibly be. We have more innocent colored people being arrested and harassed by police than we have whites that actually commuted a crime. Also, the police how are supposed to Protect all and treat everyone equal, might need to go back to the academy and learn what those words mean. Again i don't mean all cops, not every cop is racist and ignorant. 

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