Thursday, November 14, 2013

Passion Project Updates & Reflections

  My project is going pretty well I have some ideas of what I want to show the class but the really cool ones that I want to show are either to hard to do are to dangerous to do in school. I have a couple different places that I can get my tricks from and I will site them in a power point. I will also have on that power point the things that I have failed at doing I might ave a video of it but I am not sure how I would do that, but I will probably figure it out. I have not made any videos yet, but I will soon. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who are the outliers of the world?

   The person that I believe is an outlier, is Albert Einstein. I believe he is an outlier because he has accomplish  a lot of great thing in his life, also he is still remembered today. He has helped change the scientific world with his theories and experiments. He developed the general theory of  relativity, which is one of the two pillars of modern physics. He w\has also won the Nobel Peace Prize in Physics. Those where some of his achievements, now on to why he is an outlier.

    He was born March 14, 1879, in Germany. His family were non-observant Jews, and he went to Catholic School for three year from the age of five to the age of eight. After this he received an advanced primary and secondary school education, I believe that mean Elementary school and Middle school. Also, though he excelled greatly in school, some people say that Albert Einstein was dyslexic. Einsteins father once showed him a compass and he was fascinated by the fact the needle moved despite the fact that nothing was their to move it. So through this fascination, he learned that we was good a math. Another thing that contributed to Einstein being and amazing scientist is a poor polish Medical student that was introduced to Einsteins family when he was ten. Every week fro five years when the Medical student would come to visit he wold give Einstein popular books on science, mathematical texts and philosophical writings. When his father company failed his family moved to Italy. He stayed back at Munich where he was going to finish his studies. He father wanted him to go in to the electrical work field, like himself, but Einstein had problems with the school. So he left and later he wrote how the spirit of learning and creative thought were lost in strict rote learning. This is exactly what everyone in GT 1 believes as well, so you know that he understand us! At a young adult he published his first paper about his theory relativism. This put him out there as scientist, and later resulted in him being asked by President Roosevelt to work on a project know known as the Manhattan Project. He later worked with another Scientist, to write about why using nuclear weapons are very dangerous. After that he spent his time teaching at the Princeton University until he died after refusing to go to the doctors when he was ill. He said that he did not need to because when his time came to leave he would leave, he said that he did not want to prolong something that had to be done anyway. Also, he said that we had done what he needed to do in this world, and that he was ready to go.

    That is why I believe Albert Einstein is an outlier, he many great opportunities that lead him to become a great figure in Science.             

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Joyas Voladoras

 This essay is both meaningful and confusing to me. I understand that I do not understand what is going on in this essay. Though, if I had to try to explain what the essay means to me I could but I would be hard. To mean this essay talks about the struggles and pressures the heart can endure. Like in the line, "Every creature on the earth has approximately two billion heartbeats to spend in a life time. You can spend it them slowly like a turtle or fast like a  hummingbird." To me this show how much the heart can go through. This to me shows that maybe the people who die of heart attacks thought to much about the bad things in life and ended up spending their heartbeats to quickly and all at one time. This essay gives me a negative but intellectual feeling. it shows me that everything has its place in death. some go to the death quicker than others, some need to keep running or moving to avoid going to death. Also, that some don not want others to see them die, like the cat dragging itself into the forest. I would say this essay is not very discouraging or as it is sad and thought provoking. I really like this essay, even though i did not really understand a lot of it, it still taught me new things.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

What is worth Knowing?

   I agree with  Neil Gaiman that school does not teach us anything that is   worth knowing. School teaches us the logical things that we need to know to get a job. It teaches us that we should be creative, but they restrict the ability. Also, we learn Math, Science, and English, sure we will need them when we are looking for a job. Though how will knowing all this apply when you are talking to someone. The things we should learn and are worth being a part of are knowledge are things that will help us in a social, family, and human aspect. We should be thought about topics like: what to say to an elderly person or a young child, how to express ourselves in a creative and new way, and how to start a conversation, how to get over being shy, and how to comfort those who are very close to you. I agree, what we are learning in school is important, but it is not enough we need to thought things that will not only help us in our careers( like we are already learning,) but we should also be thought things that are meaningful and things that can really help us succeed.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Image Section Stroy

The girl and the hands were what was in the picture the rest of it was darkened.
Well to start off my picture did not come out as I have planed. There is no highlighted part so I apologize and I am not sure how to get the highlighted part. Now on with the story.

    Abby wanted to show that different hand potions had different affects on the mind. She wanted to show this because her brother was diagnosed with an unknown virus that changes the way a person sees and feel things. Her brother is still the same as he once was, because the virus does not change or damage the persons mental state so he is still on the football team and is still a honor student. Though he still acts normal he can tell when a person is happy, sad, mad, or any other emotion  by looking at the shape of there hand. At first Abby though her brother as just trying to annoy her but she later realized that in fact the virus let him sense emotion in the hands.

    In Bio class Abby's Bio teacher asked the class if they knew and diseases of any kind, because they were staring a new unit on diseases, disorders, virus, and things of that nature. He asked everyone in the class to answer the question and when Abby was up to answer she told the class about her brother condition. Her Teacher was so fascinated by what she said he told the class to write a paper about a disease or disorder that someone in there family has had that effected them positively, negativity, or did not effect them in either a positive or negative way. As Abby was about to leave the class her teacher stopped her and asked if her brother would be willing to do some tests on his condition. Her teacher explained to her that if he agrees, she would have to draw picture of hand on a piece of paper, than ask him how he feel when he is looking at the hand. Whatever he says write that under the hand then bring the paper into school the next day or when ever she got the paper finished.

     Almost two week before the end of the school year the papers for Abby's Bio class were due. With her paper she also handed in the hand sheet her teacher told her to do. She wonder why her teacher was so interested in the condition but she did not ask. At the end of the school year, her teacher came up to her and said that her brother was lucky that his condition is so mild, because the condition that he has was called Handconditionada. the virus that causes it can make a person hear taste , see smells, taste touch. eventually the person can go crazy enough to lose all mean of the five senses. This could later cause the person to die of stress of not being normal or seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling things properly. From that day forward, Abby was happy to spend every moment with her brother because on day she many not see him again.         

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Waste Land documentary response

         What I got from Waste Land documentary was that if you have a will to succeed, you can get far. Also, if you have someone that is counting on you, your will to succeed will made stronger. For example, the lady with the two small children, lived away from them so she can get money to keep them happy. Also, she does what she does so she can let her children live a life without crime and to make sure that they don't do things like selling drugs. I think it must have felt amazing and mind blowing to the people who had their daily routines changed. They must have been so excited to be able to do an art project that is about them and then be able to get money for it. Also, have the art work shown in a museum. If I were in the place of one of the people who were chosen for the project I would be very happy. Also, I would be confused and kind of defensive, because no one every help them so they would be wondering why someone was helping them. I have many interesting things about me. but i believe they are not so interesting that an artist would make a project or paniting out of it. 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big Picture

    We chose this picture because it looks cool. This picture shows the Boston Harbor getting struck with lightning.  This event happened on July 24. No person is pictured in this photograph. Instead, the Boston Harbor in it's prime.  The little lightning bolt might be missed at your first glance.  It tells the story of a storm coming.  It means that a bad storm will hit the Boston Harbor.  How bad was the storm that happened? Taher Takliwala, Sai V, Flynt Tuller.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


My family spends about $150 a week on food. Our staple food that we have are lentil, rice, curries, and roti (Indian bread). Mutton Biryani, Masoor Pulao, Yogurt Curry, Haleem, Keema, Gosht, Samosa are some of my families favorite foods.

Monday, January 14, 2013

20% project

           I will be making a game with Fylnt, Sai V., and Alex. The problems that we may face is actually making the game and figuring out how to program the game. The materials we will need is a computer, a programing cite, and maybe a CD. I will consult my partners, and maybe my Applied tech teacher Mr. Johnson.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years

Looking back on 2012 I realized that I have changed a lot. One thing that I realized was that in school I started to slack off in school more in 8th grade than in 7th grade but I soon fixed that problem. Also, i realized that I am more capable of doing the tasks my parents give me like building a shelf for the basement. Also, my parents trust me more with important thing that we do around the house and let me help more.

I am anti-resolution because I believe it is a waste of time. I think it is a waste of time because a lot of the time when I think about doing things differently I tend to do the same things as before because it has become a habit for me. So if I made New Years resolution I would end up not doing as it says so it would be a waste of time. So that is why I am anti-resolution.