Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Learing Styles

   From the tests I found out that I am at Concrete Random thinker and a Bodily-Kinestheitc person. The scores on the test matched me exactly. What I take way form the test is that I am the best I can be. this knowledge could help me a lot in school. For one I learned that I am a concrete random thinker so that means I am creative and curious about the world and the things around me.

   Three people that I admire the most are my Mom, my Dad and Albert Einstein. By the information that I know now I would say that my Mom is a concrete sequential person, my dad is a concrete sequential thinker like my mom, and Albert Einstein I would say is a concrete random thinker because he took risks and was very curious about the field of science that he worked in.  

    I read that both Ross and Emily are concrete random thinkers which really cool because having creativity; to me, is the most important thing next to doing well in school. Being creative shows that you are not afraid to be laughed at or be put down about your thoughts and ideas. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

      Convergent Thinking - psychol analytical, usually deductive, thinking in which ideas are examined for their logical validity or in which a set of rules is followed in arithmetic.

Divergent Thinking - psychol Compare convergent thinking thinking in an unusual and unstereotyped way to generate several possible solutions to a problem.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Being Gifted



  Being a gifted child can have its ups and down as well as truths and myths. Gifted child are usually looked at differently and are also treated differently than other children. I can say from experience that we are treated differently and sometimes it is unfair.

  Some ups of being gifted for me is that I am able to learn or grasp thing quickly. Another up about being gifted is that you can go to higher classes or more interesting classes. For example, I like going to a classes that has more complex topics because it's more interesting and thought provoking. But, when there are ups there are, also; downs. A down that I have experienced many times is that everyone expects so much of me. Sometimes the expectations are so high that I can't get close to accomplishing it. Another down is that some gifted kids are bullied because they are smarter or different then the kids in school.

   Lastly we come to the myths and truths of being gifted. The truth is that not all gifted people are perfect or are good at doing everything. For example, I am great at science and math but I am terrible when it come to reading and writing. Also, another truth about gifted children is that something’s don’t come naturally for us. Myths about gifted kids are important to know because that is usually what people think when they say someone is gifted. One myth is that all gifted people are perfect; I wish it were true but it’s not. Another one is that people say that all gifted people are smart and can do everything easily and that too is not true but I wish it were. As you can see being gifted has its ups and downs and truths and myths.   

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First post

   My name is Taher. I am in 8th grade and I am enjoying it so far. in school my favorite subjects are science and math, but mostly science. My favorite topic to learn about outside of school is anything that has to do with outerspace. In my free time I like to do a lot of thing but I mainly like to watch tv, play video games, play outside, and read. When i am older i would like to be either a Docter or an Astrophysicist. There are a lot of thing that make my happy like spending time with famliy members, reading, qiuteness (sometimes), and a lot of other stuff.