Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Waste Land documentary response

         What I got from Waste Land documentary was that if you have a will to succeed, you can get far. Also, if you have someone that is counting on you, your will to succeed will made stronger. For example, the lady with the two small children, lived away from them so she can get money to keep them happy. Also, she does what she does so she can let her children live a life without crime and to make sure that they don't do things like selling drugs. I think it must have felt amazing and mind blowing to the people who had their daily routines changed. They must have been so excited to be able to do an art project that is about them and then be able to get money for it. Also, have the art work shown in a museum. If I were in the place of one of the people who were chosen for the project I would be very happy. Also, I would be confused and kind of defensive, because no one every help them so they would be wondering why someone was helping them. I have many interesting things about me. but i believe they are not so interesting that an artist would make a project or paniting out of it.