Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Image Section Stroy

The girl and the hands were what was in the picture the rest of it was darkened.
Well to start off my picture did not come out as I have planed. There is no highlighted part so I apologize and I am not sure how to get the highlighted part. Now on with the story.

    Abby wanted to show that different hand potions had different affects on the mind. She wanted to show this because her brother was diagnosed with an unknown virus that changes the way a person sees and feel things. Her brother is still the same as he once was, because the virus does not change or damage the persons mental state so he is still on the football team and is still a honor student. Though he still acts normal he can tell when a person is happy, sad, mad, or any other emotion  by looking at the shape of there hand. At first Abby though her brother as just trying to annoy her but she later realized that in fact the virus let him sense emotion in the hands.

    In Bio class Abby's Bio teacher asked the class if they knew and diseases of any kind, because they were staring a new unit on diseases, disorders, virus, and things of that nature. He asked everyone in the class to answer the question and when Abby was up to answer she told the class about her brother condition. Her Teacher was so fascinated by what she said he told the class to write a paper about a disease or disorder that someone in there family has had that effected them positively, negativity, or did not effect them in either a positive or negative way. As Abby was about to leave the class her teacher stopped her and asked if her brother would be willing to do some tests on his condition. Her teacher explained to her that if he agrees, she would have to draw picture of hand on a piece of paper, than ask him how he feel when he is looking at the hand. Whatever he says write that under the hand then bring the paper into school the next day or when ever she got the paper finished.

     Almost two week before the end of the school year the papers for Abby's Bio class were due. With her paper she also handed in the hand sheet her teacher told her to do. She wonder why her teacher was so interested in the condition but she did not ask. At the end of the school year, her teacher came up to her and said that her brother was lucky that his condition is so mild, because the condition that he has was called Handconditionada. the virus that causes it can make a person hear taste , see smells, taste touch. eventually the person can go crazy enough to lose all mean of the five senses. This could later cause the person to die of stress of not being normal or seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling things properly. From that day forward, Abby was happy to spend every moment with her brother because on day she many not see him again.