Monday, May 6, 2013

What is worth Knowing?

   I agree with  Neil Gaiman that school does not teach us anything that is   worth knowing. School teaches us the logical things that we need to know to get a job. It teaches us that we should be creative, but they restrict the ability. Also, we learn Math, Science, and English, sure we will need them when we are looking for a job. Though how will knowing all this apply when you are talking to someone. The things we should learn and are worth being a part of are knowledge are things that will help us in a social, family, and human aspect. We should be thought about topics like: what to say to an elderly person or a young child, how to express ourselves in a creative and new way, and how to start a conversation, how to get over being shy, and how to comfort those who are very close to you. I agree, what we are learning in school is important, but it is not enough we need to thought things that will not only help us in our careers( like we are already learning,) but we should also be thought things that are meaningful and things that can really help us succeed.  

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