Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First Amendment Q&As

       Do all the rules of the First Amendment apply as strictly to children as they do to adults? I ask this because most of the court case we review or the things we talked about was mainly about adults. So does that mean children's First Amendments rules are not as important as the adults' rules?

        According to the cite a large number of schools say that there students are not actually citizens of the United States of America. Therefore, the do not have the same rights as "grownups". It also says that most school are violating students rights and that the number of incidents that were reported is not comforting. Also, one school district, Minnewaska Area, went against the First Amendment and made a 12 year old student give the school their password so the school could search the students messages for inappropriate content.

      In conclusion, it seems that children's First Amendment rights don't apply as strictly because adults abuse or take advantage of children's rights. They say they can because the are older and need to know what we do so the rights don't apply to us until we are adults are selves.

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  1. That's a good point! Adults and minors do play by slightly different rules, but in general it's the same, or the same guidelines. Obviously minors aren't allowed to do some things adults do that can get them into trouble, but they do have some of their own rules. As an example, there have been lawsuits filed against others sending minors sexual content, that they shouldn't be legally allowed to view that. One lawsuit that I found kind of interesting was that some didn't believe that in arcades minors should be allowed to play games that involved sexual content, amputation, mutation, guns, etc. Interesting viewpoints.