Thursday, October 4, 2012


      From watching the video I agree with Ken Robinson, that schools are killing the creativity in children. We mainly work on tests that help us get ready for the "future", when the future is ever changing. We also focus or time on standardized test that we have to take. Since we spend so much of our time doing these things in school, we have no time to do anything creative. So, as a result of this we don't have the great creativity that we had as children. I actually have been affected by this. When I was in fourth grade i used to write little stories or a small book, but now when I try to write a book I get stumped a lot. Also, today in English today we were allowed to write a creative story based off of a person how is good at playing the ukulele. It was really fun and it might be the most creative thing we did in a long time. Even thought I agree with Ken Robinson, I will say that not all schools kill creativity. Some schools actually promote creativity in their students so they can do better. In conclusion Schools do kill creativity, but some schools promote it.   

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